Management System

Consistent customer focus
As a quality and innovation leader, Edelmann consistently focuses on the needs of their customers. Their market success reflects a clear corporate objective: Edelmann wants to offer outstanding service at competitive prices. The company's consistent customer focus allows it to meet its customers' requirements, expectations and desires with optimal packaging solutions and services.

Edelmann's management system consistently aligns the business activities with customer concerns in relation to sustainability, quality and GMP. This means that the packaging manufacturer has access to a package of measures that does more than just maintain its quality level: constant improvement is a driving force for Edelmann. Our certifications are clear evidence of this:
in 1985 Edelmann became the first German company with a management system certified by the GGPV (Gütegemeinschaft Pharmaverpackungen). Since 1987, following the introduction of ISO 9000 et seq., the packaging manufacturer has been certified in accordance with the international standard, ISO 9001, which remains in place to this day. You can download the current certificates here.


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