Our success proves us right: Folding cartons made by Edelmann annually belong to the award winners of national and international competitions. Edelmann convinced in 2014, too. The jury of the Pro Carton ECMA Awards selected the folding carton for Fernanda Brandao’s perfume with “Carton of the Year”. With the “Artist Edition” of a folding carton for the 222nd birthday of 4711 and with “The Paper Skin”, an edition packaging for Leica Camera, Edelmann won in the context of the German packaging contest “Deutscher Verpackungswettbewerb”.

Health Care

For us, the aim of a competent packaging concept is a solution that has been precisely tailored to the relevant product, its requirements and its target group.

Beauty Care

Packaging is like a promise and promises must be kept. Quality and innovation are our trademarks.

Consumer Brands

Strong performance for elegant solutions. For us, the aim of a competent packaging concept is a solution that has been precisely tailored to the relevant product, its requirements and its target group.


The World of Packaging - the Competence of Edelmann

Edelmann is one of Germany's leading packaging manufacturers and system suppliers with locations in Europe, Asia and America. The company's core competencies are the development and production of packaging solutions for Health Care, Beauty Care and Consumer Brands. Customers from other selected market segments also benefit from Edelmann's strengths in printing, finishing, labelling and quality management. Edelmann applies innovative solutions to introduce process optimisations that extend across the entire supply chain and enhances vital value-added potentials together with their customers.

High Q Packaging

Edelmann manufactures high quality board and paper packaging solutions. Its finishing expertise is regularly distinguished. Efficient and reliable implementation and quality standards. This is appreciated by premium brands from the Health Care, Beauty Care and Consumer Brands sectors as well as selected industries.



Edelmann designs system solutions that are based on a range of competencies. The company is proficient in a range of packaging disciplines and possesses the know-how to develop the components as a general contractor and consolidate them into a business process.



Edelmann develops and manufactures folding cartons, leaflets and system solutions at sixteen locations, from USA and Brasil to Germany, France and Eastern Europe to Mexico, India and China. The company uses a dynamic process, technological harmonisation and close cooperation to ensure consistent quality.




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