Milestones: A brief overview of Edelmann's 100 Year History

1913    Carl Edelmann sen. takes over the Weller printing company
1923    Edelmann GmbH is founded
1924    Start of folding carton production
1940    Carl Edelmann jun. takes over role as Managing Director
1948    Carl Edelmann jun. appointed as 1st Chairman of the newly established Fachverband
             der Faltschachtelindustrie (Folding Carton Industry Association)
1958    Folding carton production becomes no. 1 sales driver
1966    Edelmann receives the German Packaging Award for the first time
1970    Carl Edelmann junior's sons-in-law take over the management of the company
1974    Subsidiary in France
1977    First corporate acquisition: Weilheimer Wepack GmbH acquired by Edelmann
1984    Edelmann achieves sales of 100 million D-mark
1985    Edelmann is the first German company to receive the RAL Gütezeichen (seal of quality)
             for pharmaceutical packaging
1991    Initial holding in Luxepack in Monaco
1997    Acquisition of G. Braun Pharmadruck Bitterfeld GmbH, start of
             pharmaceutical packaging
2003    The French company La Spic S.A.S. becomes the first foreign Edelmann location
2005    Start of entry into Eastern Europe: Eldruk Sp.z.o.o. renamed Edelmann Poland
2007    Edelmann establishes a presence in China: acquisition of Beijing Theis
2009    Graphopak GDG, S.A. de C.V. becomes Edelmann's Mexican subsidiary
2009    Entry into the leaflet business: acquisition of Koopmann
2010    Edelmann becomes Germany's largest producer of leaflets: acquisition
             of Lindauer Druckerei Eschbaumer GmbH & Co. KG
2011    Expansion of presence in Eastern Europe: acquisition of Hungarian company
             Zalai Nyomda Zrt.
2011    Edelmann Leaflet Solutions GmbH is founded
2013    Edelmann celebrates its 100th anniversary
2013   Janus Packaging becomes Edelmann's Indian subsidiary
2015   Sulgrafica becomes Edelmann's Brazilian subsidiary
2015   Sales Office New York re-opened


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