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Edelmann Heidenheim

Edelmann GmbH

The parent company, founded in 1913, manages and coordinates all the Edelmann Group's national and international activities from its headquarters in Heidenheim a.d. Brenz.

This is where both the packaging development and the prepress divisions are located.

Production focus: Packaging
Markets: Health Care, Beauty Care und Consumer Brands

Carl Edelmann Oliver Bruns

Oliver Bruns

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Steinheimer Str. 45
89518 Heidenheim

145 140 Weiler Eberhard 2014 2

Eberhard Weiler

Deputy General Manager (DGM)
Head of Controlling

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Monika Schermanski

Sales Management Health Care
Linderhauser Str. 77-79
42279 Wuppertal

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Sattel Oliver RGB

Oliver Sattel

Plant Management

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Von Waechter Ulrich RGB Kopie

Ulrich von Waechter

Head of IT and Materials Management

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Sieber Helmut RGB

Helmut Sieber

Head of Design Center

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145 140 Mayerhofer Michael 2014 2

Michael Mayerhofer

Head of Global Quality Management

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xPelz Werner RGB

Werner Pelz

Head of Quality Management Heidenheim, Auditing

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145 140 Faget Andreas 2014 2

Andreas Faget

Head of Finances

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Wolfgang Rieck 2014

Wolfgang Rieck

Building Management, Maintenance, Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection

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corinna niederberger 1 1

Corinna Niederberger

Marketing Services

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Edelmann Heidenheim

Edelmann GmbH

Steinheimer Str. 45
89518 Heidenheim
Tel +49 7321 340-0

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